map of Amsterdam in 1662 by Daniel Stalpaert, detail
Amsterdam links
Museum "Het Grachtenhuis", gateway to the canals. Opens April 15, 2011
Open garden days Open garden days
An easy to use map of Amsterdam
More than 150 360º panorama photos of Amsterdam (no plugin needed)
Beautiful photographs of Amsterdam by Zipper, an American guy with sharp observation. Many canal pictures
  "Broken Bicycles", pictures by Alex Sievers of Amsterdam and many other places in the world.
Amsterdam webcams

Simply Amsterdam - an internet guide for the independent traveller - Amsterdam tourist guide and hotel tips

Delft links
  Photos of canal city Delft by Pieter Haringsma
Canals of New York State
Tug 44 - A photographic cruise log of the Travels of Tug 44 on the Erie Canal, Champlain Canal and Hudson River, including pictures of towns, locks, historical structures, boats, tugboats, lighthouses and other items of interest on the canals